The analysis of competitors' products is a useful tool for determining characteristics of a successful food product

Analysis of ranking, pricing, packaging and distribution of food products in the United States

It is critical to understand how to position a product through a distribution outlook. Analyzing food products that have already been put on the US market gives a precise idea of potential ranking, pricing and packaging options.

The same food products may be ranked in several different ways: you can choose to sell a high-range product at a relatively high price, you can choose to rank it as a natural, healthy, and very little processed product or you can rank it many other ways.

Other variables including price, packaging, weight, distribution channel or product name depend on the ranking which is chosen.

The quickest and cheapest way to create the best strategy is to carry out a study on competitors' products - products that have already been put on the market and are being sold in the United States. ExportUSA performs this sort of research and analysis for food. We analyze different types of distribution channels, buy products and create a report containing suggestions aimed at determining the best ranking for your product.