Specialized customs brokers and agents for the United States

Import documents for the United States

Customs agents / Customs brokers for the United States and customs import operations in the United States

ExportUSA entered into an agreement with one of the largest companies of customs brokers/agents in the United States. Its specialized staff is made up of dozens of people with extensive experience on all the aspects related to the import documents and procedures required by US customs.

We can handle the requests from the forwarding agents, who have special requirements concerning the many aspects of document preparation for importing into the United States and notice of goods customs clearance.

The company of customs agents, which ExportUSA collaborates with, has decades of experience in the management of letters of credit - also complex ones - including the letters payable at sight, the preparation of all the special certificates required for the processing of letters of credit to import goods into the US, and the forwarding of all the documents required to banks.

Since we are affiliated with a network of customs officers all over the world, our customs agents are able to provide excellent international maritime services, as well as a full range of post-import services, such as refund claims with US customs, and CF 19 and 520C forms to apply for the exemption from the obligations to prove marketability.

Other import services that we can provide are related to the handling and delivery of the various customs clearance and import documents to any office throughout the United States. We personally deliver and collect all the documents from and to US customs and other US government agencies involved in the import process of your goods into the United States, including FDA, AQI, and USDA.

As soon as all the documents reach the offices of our customs agents for the US, the import procedure into the United States starts by inputting the documents in the data processing system connected to US customs.