it is very important that all color additives are authorized by the FDA. Otherwise the cosmetic product may be rejected or detained.

The FDA may refuse entry of a cosmetic product into the United States if it contains unauthorized color additives

Ensuring that all color additives are approved by the FDA is a crucial step to exporting a cosmetic to the United States

The use of all color additives in cosmetics, with the exception of carbon-tar hair dye, requires FDA approval.
If the beauty product to be exported contains color additives, the following rules should be followed:
  • Approval
All color additives must have FDA approval. Manufacturers must also follow specifications and rules on use and restrictions of the additive.
  • Certification
In the case of specific additives, batch certification is required in addition to approval.
  • Identity and Specification
All color additives must fulfill requirements regarding identity and specification found in the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Use and Restrictions
Color additives may only be used in accordance with the restrictions set by the regulations.
If the imported cosmetic contains a non-authorized color additive, it may be be rejected by the FDA.