If your cosmetic does not comply with FDA regulations, it can be easily rejected.

Here are some examples of products that were recently rejected

To provide you with an idea of what some of the most common violations leading to a product being rejected and blocked from being imported into the United States, here is a list of some cosmetics that were rejected in January 2011:

FACE POWDER IN BLUK produced by the Italian company Tecnocosmesi S.p.A. was rejected on January 25, 2011 because it was classified as a drug and lacked the necessary documents.

EYELINER produced by the German company Schwan Cosmetics Gmbh & Co. KG was rejected on January 4, 2011 because it contained dyes which were considered dangerous and its label did not include a complete list of the ingredients.

SKIN CARE produced by the Italian company Med Care Srl was rejected on January 3, 2011 because its label was not appropriate.

DAILY SCRUB produced by the Canadian company Apollo Health And Beauty Care was rejected on January 24, 2011 because it contained substances deemed to be health hazards.

DETTOL CONC. DISINFECTANT produced by the British company Reckitt Benkiser Ltd was rejected on January 31, 2011 as it did not meet the directives of section 510 (j).