ExportUSA helps firms export cosmetics in the United States in compliance with FDA requirements.

It is required to follow FDA rules when importing cosmetics into the United States.

While a pre-marketing approval is not required, all ingredients, color additives and labels must be FDA approved.

ExportUSA offers consulting services to companies interested in exporting cosmetics to the United States. 

Our experienced staff can help verify that all ingredients in the product are FDA approved and that labeling requirements are met. This can speed up necessary procedures at the border which can prevent goods from being detained or refused.


The standards for foreign exported cosmetics are the same as American standards. Thus, there is no need to obtain FDA pre-marketing approval to export cosmetics to the United States. Nonetheless, the FDA does monitor products on the market and can request that products be refused entry to the American market.


The United States FDA encourages manufacturers, packers and distributors to take part in the Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Programs. Just as the name suggests, this is a voluntary initiative. Moreover, firms may only join it once they have already entered the market. As a consequence, this is not a main concern for importers. Firms interested in exporting to the United States should make sure that their product is in compliance with requirements regarding:


  • ingredients
  • color additives
  • labeling