We ensure trouble-free air forwarding to the United States

We also guarantee trouble-free US customs clearance for your air forwarding

The forwarding agents specialized in air forwarding to the United States selected by ExportUSA ensure trouble-free customs clearances in the US: if the forwarding documents are correct, we guarantee a very quick customs clearance, whereas if they are not correct, we provide all the required assistance BEFORE forwarding so as to ensure a trouble-free passing through US customs.

Regarding air forwarding to the United States, the key is rapidity: goods must reach the United States in 48 hours, pass trouble-free through US customs and, once cleared by customs, be delivered to the end consignee in the United States within the following 24 hours.

Air forwarding is chosen for fast delivery. Should there be troubles with US customs upon goods customs clearance, any ensuing delay will nullify the reason for which air forwarding was chosen.

As a consequence, all the documents have to be flawless. Our agents are specialized in air forwarding to the United States and are informed in real time about US customs regulations. We prepare the air waybill for your company with all the details needed for air forwarding to the United States.

Whenever US customs regulations so require, our forwarding agents also prepare the export declaration for your company and see to customs import procedures into the United States.

The day after the departure of the flight to the United States, our office will always send you a confirmation that goods were forwarded.