When shipping by sea, service level is critical

A shipping agent should also act as an advisor to save you time by providing the best transport solutions

ExportUSA selected a number of shipping agents to assist companies in their sea shipments to the United States. Our shipping agents have the experience to suggest the best solutions for you BEFORE the shipment leaves.

Maybe the shipping agents we work with are not the cheapest, but do you think it is worth saving (at most) 300 Euros on a sea shipment to the United States at the risk of having it stuck in customs because of a missing document? It is a false saving!

Over the years, we selected these shipping agents and we choose to suggest them since we saw how they work in practice.

Rather than mere forwarders, they are expert advisors for both shipments by sea and on sea transport to the United States.

Sea Shipments to the United States

They are all fully licensed OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary) agents, in full compliance with the Ocean Shipping Reform Act 1998. As regards sea transport to the United States, we can provide all the services required to import from abroad into the United States.

In particular, our shipping agents are remotely linked to US customs for a fast and error-free processing of all the importing documents required by customs and various control agencies, such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or USDA (US Department of Agriculture).

The same data processing systems allow tracking sea shipments to the United States in real time: from the time when the container leaves to its shipment and customs clearance in the United States.