Sea or air forwarding of frozen food to the United States is a highly specialized activity

Sea or air forwarding of chilled products may result in technical customs procedures and operational problems

Regarding chilled goods forwarding, either by air or by sea, different problems intertwine: they need to be examined and solved all together before the shipment leaves for the United States

When forwarding frozen foodstuffs to the United States, all customs procedures, licences, and authorizations required by US customs, FDA and USDA must be carefully complied with before leaving, so as to prevent any customs clearance problem in the US.

Customs clearance delays for chilled goods mean high storage costs, US customs fines and possible risks associated with cold chain maintenance.

The specialized forwarding agents we selected over the years are the most experienced in the field of forwarding to the United States, both for sea shipments and for air forwarding.  This is especially true regard to import and export of controlled-temperature goods by refrigerator ships and refrigerating containers, also by air.