An ecommerce website contributes to generating sales and finding new customers.

The development of an ecommerce operation in the United States is an effective sales tool that is also widely used by retailers, distributors and in the industrial goods sector.

An ecommerce website may be used in different manners, but with a single purpose: selling in the United States. ExportUSA advice helps companies determine the best solutions for the development of an effective ecommerce operation on the US market.

In the US, retailers and distributors are used to shopping online on ecommerce websites and paying by credit card to restock their stores. Companies selling industrial goods sell online spare parts, accessories and small machinery.

In short, in the United States, selling online is now a common practice, also in transactions between companies.

There are different approaches to online selling. Companies must choose the online selling strategy that best aligns with their market. Below we are listing some of the most commonly adopted strategies to sell online in the United States, using an ecommerce website:

  • Direct sale to the consumer and payment by credit card;
  • Creation of a dedicated area on the website and sale only to authorised customers, who have received a password to access the secure area. It is possible to create different price lists according to the customer connected;
  • Development of a secure area for sales agent/representatives only: they can access the secure area to create and place orders online, directly from their PC;
  • Creation of a dedicated area on the website, from which customers can directly place orders.

ExportUSA assists companies and advises them on the best ecommerce solutions to implement for selling in the United States. Once the consultancy phase is completed, ExportUSA starts developing the website and activating all the services needed to sell online, such as logistics, order management, payment system and so forth.

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Additional information for the companies that want to create a website for the US market: